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  1. Research

    Is computer availability at home causally related to reading achievement in grade 4? A longitudinal difference in differences approach to IEA data from 1991 to 2006

    Research on effects of home computer use on children’s development of cognitive abilities and skills has yielded conflicting results, with some studies showing positive effects, others no effects, and yet othe...

    Monica Rosén and Jan-Eric Gustafsson

    Large-scale Assessments in Education 2016 4:5

    Published on: 24 February 2016

  2. Research

    TIMSS data in an African comparative perspective: Investigating the factors influencing achievement in mathematics and their psychometric properties

    Relationships among motivational constructs from the 2011 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS 2011) were investigated for eight-graders in all the five participating African countries,...

    Emmanuel Adu-tutu Bofah and Markku S. Hannula

    Large-scale Assessments in Education 2015 3:4

    Published on: 21 December 2015

  3. Research

    Teaching for conceptual understanding: A cross-national comparison of the relationship between teachers’ instructional practices and student achievement in mathematics

    Educators, researchers and policy-makers worldwide continue to struggle to understand the changes needed for improving educational outcomes and attainment for students, particularly in content areas such as ma...

    Laura M O’Dwyer, Yang Wang and Katherine A Shields

    Large-scale Assessments in Education 2015 3:1

    Published on: 5 February 2015

  4. Research

    Nested multiple imputation in large-scale assessments

    In order to measure the proficiency of person populations in various domains, large-scale assessments often use marginal maximum likelihood IRT models where person proficiency is modelled as a random variable....

    Sebastian Weirich, Nicole Haag, Martin Hecht, Katrin Böhme, Thilo Siegle and Oliver Lüdtke

    Large-scale Assessments in Education 2014 2:9

    Published on: 16 October 2014

  5. Research

    The role of test-taking motivation for students’ performance in low-stakes assessments: an investigation of school-track-specific differences

    Low-stakes assessments do not have consequences for the test-takers. Currently, motivational research indicates that a lack of test-taking motivation can decrease students’ performance in low-stakes assessment...

    Christiane Penk, Claudia Pöhlmann and Alexander Roppelt

    Large-scale Assessments in Education 2014 2:5

    Published on: 19 August 2014

  6. Research

    Differential influences of affective factors and contextual factors on high-proficiency readers and low-proficiency readers: a multilevel analysis of PIRLS data from Hong Kong

    This study examined the impact of the reading-related affective factors home environment and school environment on predicting the likelihood of students being either high-proficiency or low-proficiency readers. D...

    Shek Kam Tse and Xiao-yun Xiao

    Large-scale Assessments in Education 2014 2:6

    Published on: 24 July 2014

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