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Table 5 Most Influential Publications on ILSA Research in Education

From: Modern international large-scale assessment in education: an integrative review and mapping of the literature

Rank Publication Title TC TC/Year
1 Else-Quest et al., (2010), Psych Bullet Cross-national patterns of gender differences in mathematics: A meta-analysis 592 49.3
2 Grek, (2009), J. Educ Policy Governing by numbers: The PISA 'effect' in Europe 470 36.1
3 Van De Werfhorst et al.,, (2010), Annu Rev Sociol Achievement inequality and the institutional structure of educational systems: A comparative perspective 255 21.2
4 Krapp et al., (2011), Int J Sci Educ Research on interest in science: Theories, methods, and findings 253 23.0
5 Simola, (2005), Comp Educ The Finnish miracle of PISA: Historical and sociological remarks on teaching and teacher education 214 12.6
6 Ainley et al., (2011), Contemp Educ Psychol Student engagement with science in early adolescence: The contribution of enjoyment to students’ continuing interest in learning about science 197 17.9
7 Marsh et al., (2004), J Educ Psychol Explaining paradoxical relations between academic self-concepts and achievements: Cross-cultural generalizability of the internal/external frame of reference predictions across 26 countries 195 10.8
8 Rindermann, 2007, Eur J Personality The g‐factor of international cognitive ability comparisons: The homogeneity of results in PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS and IQ‐tests across nations 190 12.7
9 Hyde et al., (2009), P Natl Acad Scien Gender, culture, and mathematics performance 188 14.5
10 Lee, (2009), P Natl Acad Sci USA Universals and specifics of math self-concept, math self-efficacy, and math anxiety across 41 PISA 203 participant countries 184 14.1
  1. TC Total citations