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Table 1 Items for the assessment of ICT Engagement

From: ICT Engagement: a new construct and its assessment in PISA 2015

ICT interest
 F1_1I forget about time when I’m using digital devices
 F1_2The Internet is a great resource for obtaining information I am interested in (e.g. news, sports, dictionary)
 F1_3It is very useful to have social networks on the internet
 F1_4I am really excited discovering new digital devices or applications
 F1_5I really feel bad if no internet connection is possible
 F1_6I like using digital devices
Perceived ICT competence
 F2_1I feel comfortable using digital devices that I am less familiar with
 F2_2If my friends and relatives want to buy new digital devices or applications, I can give them advice
 F2_3I feel comfortable using my digital devices at home
 F2_4When I come across problems with digital devices, I think I can solve them
 F2_5If my friends and relatives have a problem with digital devices, I can help them
Perceived autonomy in ICT use
 F3_1If I need new software, I install it by myself
 F3_2I read information about digital devices to be independent
 F3_3I use digital devices as I want to use them
 F3_4If I have a problem with digital devices, I start to solve it on my own
 F3_5If I need a new application, I choose it by myself
ICT as a topic in social interaction
 F4_1To learn something new about digital devices, I like to talk about them with my friends
 F4_2I like to exchange solutions to problems with digital devices with others on the internet
 F4_3I like to meet friends and play computer and video games with them
 F4_4I like to share information about digital devices with my friends
 F4_5I learn a lot about digital media by discussing with my friends and relatives
  1. Instruction in these scales was “Thinking about your experience with digital media and digital devices: to what extent do you disagree or agree with the following statements?