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Table 3 Coherence in the full group of scorers on TIMSS grade 8 and PISA

From: The dependence on mathematical theory in TIMSS, PISA and TIMSS Advanced test items and its relation to student achievement

  PISA math 2012 TIMSS grade 8 math 2011
T/NT classification 88.2% [97.6%] (.82) 78.8% [92.6%] (.76)
F/NF classification 77.6% [90.6%] (.74) 65.4% [86.6%] (.65)
  1. The first number is the percentage of items where all six scorers agreed on the classification. The number in the straight brackets is the percentage of items for which at least 5 scorers agreed. The number in parentheses is inter-rater reliability as measured by Fleiss’ kappa