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Table 2 The variables from the PISA 2009 databases, PISA section they are taken from, and descriptions of tasks/questions

From: A multilevel analysis of Swedish and Norwegian students’ overall and digital reading performance with a focus on equity aspects of education

Variable label PISA section Description
T_ACCESS Traditional reading Access and retrieve, plausible value
T_INTEGRATE Traditional reading Integrate and interpret, plausible value
T_REFLECT Traditional reading Reflect and evaluate, plausible value
DIG_READ Digital reading Composite measure, plausible value
CELL PHONES Student questionnaire Number of cell phones at home
CARS Student questionnaire Number of cars at home
ROOMS Student questionnaire Number of bath rooms/showers at home
CLASSICS Student questionnaire Have or do not have classic literature at home
POETRY Student questionnaire Have or do not have books of poetry at home
BOOKS Student questionnaire Number of books at home
ART Student questionnaire Have or do not have art (e.g. paintings) at home
2PRESSURE School questionnaire Much or little pressure from parents
2SCHOOL_TYPE School questionnaire Public or private school