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Table 3 Expectancy-value predictors of student test-taking effort

From: Student test-taking effort in low-stakes assessments: evidence from the English version of the PISA 2015 science test

Expectancy-value PISA variable (WLE index) Example of item composing the PISA variable
Expectancy of success & ability beliefs Science self-efficacy (SCIEEFF) ST129Q03TA: How easy do you think it would be for you to perform the following tasks on your own? Describe the role of antibiotics in the treatment of disease
Environmental awareness (ENVAWARE) ST092Q01TA: How informed are you about the following environmental issues? The increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
Intrinsic value & cost Enjoyment of science (JOYSCIE) ST094Q01NA: How much do you disagree or agree with the statements about yourself below? I generally have fun when I am learning < broad science > topics
Interest in broad science topics (INTBRSCI) ST095Q01NA: To what extent are you interested in the following < broad science > topics? Biosphere (e.g. ecosystem services, sustainability)
Test anxiety (ANXTEST) ST118Q01NA: To what extent do you disagree or agree with the following statements about yourself? I often worry that it will be difficult for me taking a test
Science activities (SCIEACT) ST146Q01TA: How often do you do these things? Watch TV programs about < broad science >