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Table 7 Structure of missing data

From: Classroom, media and church: explaining the achievement differences in civic knowledge in the bilingual school system of Estonia

Variable Count (%) Measurement scale
HISEI 7.4 Standardised index
RELINF 2.0 Standardised index
IMMIG 1.8 Ordered 3-categories
HISCED 1.5 Ordered 5-categories
TRUST_C 1.2 Ordered 4-categories
SINT 1.0 Ordered 4-categories
TLANG 0.9 Binary
TRUST_CM 0.9 Ordered 4-categories
OPDISC 0.6 Standardised index
HOMLIT 0.5 Ordered 5-categories
SCHPART 0.5 Standardised index
  1. Variables sorted by number of missing observations