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Table 6 Correlations between ICT Engagement scales, ICT Usage, and competencies in PISA for Switzerland and Germany

From: ICT Engagement: a new construct and its assessment in PISA 2015

 Plausible value in readingPlausible value in mathematicsPlausible value in science
ICT Engagement
 ICT interest.08/.09.09/.08.08/.09
 ICT competence.04/.05.12/.09.10/.10
 ICT autonomy.07/.14.17/.19.13/.22
 ICT as a topic in social interaction− .20/− .12− .06/− .03− .11/− .03
ICT usage outside of school
 Entertainment− .12/− .12.02/− .04− .03/− .07
 Practical usage.12/.05.14/.07.13/.08
 School-or-learning-related− .21/− .15− .15/− .15− .19/− .17
ICT usage at school− .20/− .27− .13/− .23− .18/− .24
  1. The coefficients in front of the forward slash refer to values for the Swiss sample, whereas the values after the forward slash refer to the results for the German sample. These values represent averaged results for the SEMs with five plausible values for the certain domain. Numbers printed in italics represent non-significant correlations (for at least two out of five plausible values for the certain domain)