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Table 2 Weighted distribution of the population aged 25 to 64 by selected variables, Canada

From: Are large surveys of adult literacy skills as comparable over time as we think?

VariablesTotal population aged 25 to 64 years old
1994 IALS2003 ALL2012 PIAAC
Age group (years old)
Province of residence
 British Columbia12.5%13.1%13.1%
 Manitoba & Saskatchewan6.7%6.1%6.1%
 Atlantic Provinces8.2%7.6%6.9%
Highest level of education
 Less than high school diploma31.0%17.7%11.2%
 High school diploma or other post-secondary49.5%58.7%59.2%
 University diploma18.1%23.7%29.6%
 Missing information1.4%0.0%0.0%
Mother tongue and language spoken at home
 Mother tongue: English (EN)56.5%55.9%53.7%
 Mother tongue: French (FR)24.1%23.5%22.0%
 Mother tongue: other/home language: EN or FR10.6%8.8%10.2%
 Mother tongue: other/home language: other8.8%11.8%14.0%
Immigration status
 Native-born Canadian78.7%77.8%75.6%
 Foreign-born Canadian21.3%22.2%24.4%
Weighted sample size (N)14,709,30017,033,30018,290,300