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Table 1 Age group of respondents at the time of the three adult skills surveys by birth cohort variable

From: Are large surveys of adult literacy skills as comparable over time as we think?

Cohort1994 IALS2003 ALL2012 PIAAC
1930–193856–64 years old
1939–194747–55 years old56–64 years old
1948–195638–46 years old47–55 years old56–64 years old
1957–196529–37 years old38–46 years old47–55 years old
1966–197420–28 years old29–37 years old38–46 years old
1975–198316–19 years old20–28 years old29–37 years old
1984–199216–19 years old20–28 years old
1993+16–19 years old