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Table 3 Results of multiple-group analysis, overall model

From: Indicators of (in)tolerance toward immigrants among European youth: an assessment of measurement invariance in ICCS 2016

Model Full sample RMSEA CFI TLI
M1 Configural 0.045 0.990 0.986
M2 Metric 0.041 0.990 0.989
M3 Scalar 0.043 0.985 0.987
  Nested models comparisons ΔRMSEA ΔCFI  
  Metric vs configural 0.004 0.000  
  Scalar vs metric − 0.002 0.005  
  1. RMSEA, root mean square error of approximation; CFI, comparative fit index; TLI, Tucker-Lewis index; ΔRMSEA, change in RMSEA; ΔCFI, change in CFI