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Table 2 Booklet/item block combination design—fourth and eighth grades

From: The TIMSS 2019 Item Equivalence Study: examining mode effects for computer-based assessment and implications for measuring trends

Paper booklet Item block combination Trend item blocks
Part 1 Part 2
Booklet 1 ET19PTBC01 M04 M08 S04 S08
Booklet 2* ET19PTBC02 S08 S09 M08 M09
Booklet 3* ET19PTBC03 M09 M10 S09 S10
Booklet 4* ET19PTBC04 S10 S11 M10 M11
Booklet 5* ET19PTBC05 M11 M12 S11 S12
Booklet 6* ET19PTBC06 S12 S13 M12 M13
Booklet 7* ET19PTBC07 M13 M14 S13 S14
Booklet 8 ET19PTBC08 S14 S04 M14 M04
  1. * Booklet identical to booklet administered for TIMSS 2015