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Table 1 Instruments used for the secondary analyses.

From: Patterns of students’ computer use and relations to their computer and information literacy: results of a latent class analysis and implications for teaching and learning

Name of the index Variable name Index was derived from the following variables
Use of specific ICT applications S_USEAPP IS1G18A: Creating or editing documents (for example to write stories or assignments)
IS1G18B: Using a spreadsheet to do calculations, store data or plot graphs (for example using [Microsoft Excel®])
IS1G18C: Creating a simple “slideshow” presentation (for example using [Microsoft PowerPoint®])
IS1G18D: Creating a multimedia presentation (with sound, pictures, video)
IS1G18E: Using education software that is designed to help with your school study (for example mathematics or reading software)
IS1G18F: Writing computer programs, macros or scripts (for example using [Logo, Basic or HTML])
IS1G18G: Using drawing, painting or graphics software
Use of ICT for social communication S_USECOM IS1G19C: Communicating with others using messaging or social networks (for example instant messaging or [status updates])
IS1G19D: Posting comments to online profiles or blogs
IS1G19H: Uploading images or video to an [online profile] or [online community] (for example Facebook or YouTube)
IS1G19I: Using voice chat (for example Skype) to chat with friends or family online
Use of ICT for exchanging information S_USEINF IS1G19E: Asking questions on forums or [question and answer] websites
IS1G19F: Answering other people’s questions on forums or websites
IS1G19G: Writing posts for your own blog
IS1G19J: Building or editing a webpage
Use of ICT for recreation S_USEREC IS1G20A: Accessing the Internet to find out about places to go or activities to do
IS1G20B: Reading reviews on the Internet of things you might want to buy
IS1G20D: Listening to music
IS1G20E: Watching downloaded or streamed video (for example movies, TV shows or clips)
IS1G20F: Using the Internet to get news about things I am interested in
Use of ICT for study purposes S_USESTD IS1G21A: Preparing reports or essays
IS1G21B: Preparing presentations
IS1G21C: Working with other students from your own school
IS1G21D: Working with other students from other schools
IS1G21E: Completing [worksheets] or exercises
IS1G21F: Organizing your time and work
IS1G21G: Writing about your learning
IS1G21H: Completing tests