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Table 4 Correlations between TEDDICS and CSE across gender

From: The relation between teachers’ emphasis on the development of students’ digital information and communication skills and computer self-efficacy: the moderating roles of age and gender

  TEDDICS factors
Constructs Accessing digital information Evaluating digital information Sharing and communicating digital information
Correlations ρ
 CSE: basic operational skills .19/.12 .14*/.31*** .28***/.43***
 CSE: advanced operational and collaboration skills .21*/.19** .15/.27*** .37***/.43***
 CSE: instructional purposes .28/.21*** .30***/.31*** .29***/.49***
  1. Correlations among latent variables for the male sample are reported before the slash. Significantly different correlations are shown in italics. Differences in correlations were tested using the Wald χ2 test (see Additional file 1: C1)
  2. p < .05, ** p < .01, *** p < .001