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Table 3 HLM results of the fixed and random effects of the null models

From: Affective characteristics and mathematics performance in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand: what can PISA 2012 data tell us?

Country Effect Variable Parameter estimate SE ICC
Indonesia Fixed Mathematics performance, \(\gamma_{00}\) 364.34 3.78 0.47
Random Between-schools variance, \(\tau_{00}\) 1987.01 44.58a
  Within-schools variance, \(\sigma^{2}\) 222.58 47.13a
Malaysia Fixed Mathematics performance, \(\gamma_{00}\) 417.10 5.26 0.35
Random Between-schools variance, \(\tau_{00}\) 2026.54 45.02a
  Within-schools variance, \(\sigma^{2}\) 3797.33 61.62a
Thailand Fixed Mathematics performance, \(\gamma_{00}\) 443.11 8.43 0.58
Random Between-schools variance, \(\tau_{00}\) 4224.73 65.00a
  Within-schools variance, \(\sigma^{2}\) 3109.28 55.76a
  1. aRepresents standard deviation (SD), ICC intraclass correlation coefficient = between-schools variance/(between-schools variance + within-schools variance)