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Table 2 Items and constructs in the common part

From: On the use of rotated context questionnaires in conjunction with multilevel item response models

PISA 2006 variable name Variable/construct label
PROGN Country study program
AGE Age of the student
SEX Gender
BMMJ1 Occupation of mother
BFMJ2 Occupation of father
BSMJ5 Occupation of self at 30
MISCED Educational level of mother
FISCED Educational level of father
IMMIG Immigration status
AGECNT Age arrived in country
LANG Language at home
EFFORT Effort thermometer question
CULTPOSS Classic literature, books of poetry, works of art
HEDRES Study desk, quiet place to study, computer for school work, educational software, own calculator, books to help with school work, dictionary
WEALTH Own room, internet link, dishwasher, DVD/VCR, three country-specific wealth items‚ÄČ+‚ÄČnumber of cellphones, TVs, computers, cars