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Large-scale Assessments in Education was published from 2008 to 2012 as the "IERI Monograph Series". Archive content of the IERI Monograph Series is available online at

Aims and scope

Large-scale Assessments in Education is a joint publication of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) and Educational Testing Service (ETS). The articles in this journal contribute to the science of large-scale assessments, help disseminate state-of-the-art information about empirical research using these databases and make the results available to policy makers and researchers around the world.

Articles suitable for publication in the journal focus on improving the science of large-scale assessments and make use of data collected by programs, such as: IEA’s TIMSS, PIRLS, ICCS, and SITES; U.S.-NAEP; OECD’s PISA, PIAAC and TALIS; IALS, ALL and others. If you have questions or concerns about whether your article adheres to the purpose of this journal, please contact the editors directly.

Published Thematic Series

Causal inferences with cross-sectional large scale assessment data

Edited by: Prof. Leslie Rutkowski

Data published: 3 February 2016


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Large-scale Assessments in Education is fully sponsored by the IEA-ETS Research Institute, a collaborative effort between the Research & Development Division at ETS and the IEA Data Processing and Research Center that focuses on improving the science of large-scale assessments. Authors do not need to pay an article-processing charge.